Building Confidence

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

"Don't worry, I am here--you're not gonna fall."

Sometimes all it takes is a few quietly spoken words from someone you trust, to give you the courage to push past your perceived limitations.

This life lesson really hit home after I was done practising my macaco with Rafa after class one evening. Personally I find it terrifying to attempt this move--because I  have to trust that my leading hand will know where the floor is, and will place itself in such a way that my bodyweight will be safely balanced and borne. Whenever I try to throw this move on my own, it always opens out sideways because I automatically turn my head to spot the floor. I fear injury and what the recovery process entails--sighting the floor gives me comfort!

All that can change when you have someone to assure you that he won't let you fall. It brings a little boldness back. I can find the gumption to whip myself into a bridge without having to search for the floor off to one side. Sure, I could have somehow still fallen over despite his assistance, but at least it would have been because I was in the middle of being brave enough to fix my move (as opposed to pulling off the half-assed, fear-filled version).

I suppose this is what our children look for in their parents...

...and what god is whispering to our souls.

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