Don’t Be Lazy

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Plenty has been happening on the work front. Ever since we began production again in the studio after it was renovated, I have been receiving a steady stream of custom orders. Some are larger than others, some still in the testing stage.

Then yesterday I skimmed through my emails, opened one which had a purchase order, and saw that I will be making over 1,600 bars of soap for this one client's first order. I'm still working off mild sense of disbelief, because the two test batches that I made for this company were not exactly up to scratch with their specifications--and yet they still placed such a large order for this first one. This is definitely my largest order yet, by both quantity and value.

Anyway, one of their concerns it that their overseas client requires that we produce a GMP certificate. My instinctive reaction was to call a fellow soapmaker for advice. I quickly stopped myself, however. I realised that I hadn't made any effort on my part to find out more information about the process of applying for GMP certification at this stage, and it really wouldn't look good if I were to just ring him up and ask for the how-to.

No short cuts, right?

So I spent a bit of time going through BPFK's site, and turned up all the information I needed to proceed with getting the GMP certification process going. It was so easy. I'm also glad that I didn't approach someone else for help when the information was readily available online, from the relevant authorities.

Lesson learned: if you want to truly understand and master something, don't be lazy. Practise what you preach and do your homework before even thinking of asking for help.

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