Being Happy With Less

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Coffee in clue cup

Chinese New Year festivities are drawing to a close. I went back to work proper yesterday, churning out 2  batches of soap--but not before getting seriously panicky when I was trapped in my studio's bathroom, whose door latch suddenly wouldn't budge. I've made a mental note to keep something thin and metallic in the bathroom in case this should happen again (seeing that installing a phone in there isn't very practical). Thankfully the latch was jiggled away from the strike plate before I began banging the door down in earnest.

I just stumbled upon The Minimalists. The idea of living a fuller life with less stuff is strangely appealing (seeing that I actually tend to hoard things). They have a little game going which is meant to encourage the habit of decluttering on a daily basis, as opposed to a once-off affair. It makes so much sense.

So I'm going to give it a go. And to make it a little bit more fun, I've also set up an account on Carousell--I'm hoping to get the kids in on the whole decluttering thing too. Some items are chargeable; some will be free. But the whole point of the exercise is to help us all be aware of how little we actually need to be able to lead a happy, healthy life.

2015 is a year of big change.

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