Day 3 of CNY, We Went On A Date

Saturday, 21 February 2015

It's very rare that Han feels compelled to go shopping. So when he does, it makes for a fun outing. This time we left the kids at home because Andrea was down with a fever, and Sean was also coughing. We headed for Gardens.

Our first stop was to get some new work clothes for Han. This is unprecedented--he's usually happy with his free t-shirts and cargo shorts. Something is afoot. 😉 After stopping by at Uniqlo and going through some round neck sweaters, he found some that he really liked at Muji (and at 70% off normal price, whee!). I've never bought anything from there before, but now that I have discovered they make tank tops with built-in bras that are unbelievably comfortable, I think I'm now a devotee.

Lunch was at a small Thai restaurant called Tiffins by Chef Korn, hidden away on the upper floor above the cinema area at Mid Valley. The food was quite nice, and the decor and presentation kitschy, but the place was so quiet for a Saturday afternoon... I hope they'll survive.




They carried the theme of tiffins nicely through their food presentation. Some sets are also for sale, but they do seem a bit overpriced. Still, these enamel types are a lot prettier than their more dull but functional stainless steel cousins.


I was also quite taken in by their condiments in test tubes.


My crispy wonton skin noodles with pork slices. It was alright, but I would have been just as happy (if not more so) with less gravy and a slightly smaller portion of noodles.

I'll definitely be ordering Han's dish, the green curry rice, on our next visit. :")

What was next on our shopping list? THIS gigantic LEGO set:


Han has been eyeing LEGO UCS Slave 1 for several months now, and patiently waited through the initial buying frenzy at all the LEGO stores. He's a happy camper now. 🙂

I spotted a cute little Rainforest Animals set that I would like to build with Reuben, since he hasn't actually had a chance to do so yet:


He adores frogs and lizards and animals of all sorts. His fine motor skills are still a bit behind the curve, so I'm hoping that this will help him work on improving them. (I know I'm also digging a hole for myself with regards to the potential fights he will have with Sean over who gets to play with them, but oh well...)

We wandered into a few more boutiques with our huge, happy haul of toys to try on some formal work jackets for Han. I couldn't convince him to opt for a leather one. :p

And now we're back home, trying not to melt in the CNY heat, with the kids slowly rousing from their afternoon naps one by one. I'm also slightly perplexed at how to respond to news that just before we arrived home, and Indonesian lady literally dropped into our back yard via our neighbour's fence, and asked Chanrany to open the front gate to let her out... I'm just glad that nothing untoward happened.

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