Where I’m Buying Seeds From

Monday, 14 July 2014

Iris Gardening.

They provide basic information on how to best germinate seeds, including for those which aren't native to the tropics, like rosemary and english lavender. I've already sowed seeds for the latter along with basil and thyme, and am awaiting the former to arrive in the mail soon. There might be other sites that offer better info and variety, but I'm quite happy with my purchases from Iris Gardening so far.

I also found a number of other helpful local gardening blog sites like My Little Vegetable Garden, and one that supposedly sells quite a good selection of ornamental tropical plants (including Pogostemon cablins, how neat is that!).

This new hobby is very rewarding... But I do wish my skin wouldn't break out in rashes so easily after I wear my rubber gloves. 🙁

So where do you shop for seeds? Online? Or from a favourite nursery? This, by the way, is presently my favourite neighbourhood hangout on the rare occasion that I have to pass some time in between appointments:


And it doesn't even have a name! I must ask the proprietor, Josephine, some day...

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