Coming Full Circle

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

When I first left my job at TA Investment Management, I thought I wouldn't be grappling with things like compliance work or business continuity planning, until perhaps I joined another company's workforce once again.

Boy was I wrong. Now in my 6th year of running Kinder Soaps, I find myself facing a mountain of compliance and QC documentation to create and maintain for my soap production. I never thought my hobby would turn into something so 'serious'! We started out so simply--I paid for ingredients, made soap, sold them to people who loved them, and rolled the money back into buying more ingredients to make more soap, and occasionally get a new tool to help me along the way.

Today the name of the game is Accountability, and there is A LOT of paperwork required to cover one's ass (pardon my french). I can see why this is required, definitely. I wouldn't say that my present circumstances at work are stressful, but it certainly diverts quite a bit of energy away from actual production and contact with my customers, retail ones especially.

But. We move forward.

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