Please Let It Rain Soon

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The haze is really starting to wear down the children. Reuben seems to be running a temperature, and Brandon looks so lethargic and keeps commenting that he feels tired all day. My poor darlings.

There hasn't been proper rain for what feels like a month now. The Sungai Selangor Dam is now at about 43% of capacity, closing in on emergency levels. Our area is affected by water rationing too. On the up side, the days that we have no water at home are the days when there's water in the studio - so I guess in theory I can take the kids there for a shower if we really really need to.

Cloud seeding exercises are temporarily on hold, as the aircraft have been diverted to be used in search and rescue efforts for MH370.

Malaysia's in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons now.

Please god, bring us rain soon...

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