First Proper Sewing Project

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sewing materials

I've been bitten by the sewing bug! 😀 After buying my first sewing machine (it's a Singer 329) and giving it a whirl, I find myself itching to make all kinds of clothing. So far I have successfully made Brandon and Reuben a pair of pyjama pants and shorts respectively, and also a pair of drawstring pants for myself which I can actually wear out in public (as opposed to relegating it to be house clothes!).

All my basic tools and materials were bought from various online shops, namely

Today, however, I paid a visit to Yee Button in SS2 to buy some material to get started on a sleeveless blouse for Andrea. That place is a treasure trove of sewing-related goods! They carry a wide range of really good quality cotton fabric as well as other more esoteric materials (goat skin leather, anyone?), and I was amazed at their selection of tools and accessories for other craft endeavours like quilting, crocheting, knitting etc. I am not experienced enough to fully appreciate every item that they carry, but I was captivated nonetheless.

So. The photo shows the materials I'm using for Andrea's blouse, which I am making based on a pattern I purchase from BurdaStyle. Of all the items, the lace turned out to be the most extravagant purchase at RM28.80 per meter - because it was made in Austria (or was it Hungary...?).

More photos to come as I make progress with the baju over the next few nights.

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