I Thought I Was A Sprinter

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I have always loved competing and playing in sports. Throughout my school years I was always in a race, or a game, and I regaled in the adrenalin rush that came from playing with my team mates in basketball, netball, or running in a race, and trying to come out tops.

I didn't always win. More often than not I bowed my head to have a silver or bronze medal hung about my neck, but I was always happy. And I gravitated towards races that were short distances--both on the running track and in the pool. In my mind I couldn't last long distances. The 800m dash around the field on a school sports meet was probably the furthest distance I had ever raced. In team games, if I remember correctly I would spend more time just walking the court and only springing into action at the last minute to assist a team mate so he/she could take her shot (I wasn't very good at putting balls into baskets, but I made a pretty good goal keeper. :p ).

Also, I've always thought that I'm the kind of person who likes to see results instantly, and that I'm impatient. When I painted, I would feel agitated and upset if the result was less than satisfactory--I felt that I had wasted a perfectly good sheet of paper because of my poor effort or lack of skills.

However, over time life has shown me that I do in fact have it in me to withstand long distance races. I'll share with you some examples I can think of.

I waited for about 6-7 months for an online purchase from Saddleback Leather to be brought back from the US by an old friend so I could get around having to pay for duties and taxes on leather, as well as to do away with having to pay for phenomenally high shipping fees. I didn't think much of it, but when I related this to some friends they all said I had fantastic willpower to be able to hold out for that long.

license for soap studio

It took me at least two years to get this piece of paper issued by MBPJ after several hurdles placed along the way (and getting over the paralyzing effects of small children making reasonable demands on a daily basis). I resisted the temptation to hire an agent or a runner to get this done because I thought that it would be useful for me to know the entire process of applying for our business licenses. I also prayed for honest MBPJ staff to handle my account. It was, all things considered, a painless affair. It just took a little patience and mental preparation for possible hiccups and delays (and a positive attitude about finding parking space around MBPJ's office!). The result: a proper license for our soap studio which recognises it as a place where handcrafted soap is made and sold. This, hopefully, paves the way for Kinder Soaps to have its products properly notified with the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau.

20130410 3 kids pile

Han and I got married after 9 years of courtship. This included 2 years of 'splitting up', and getting back together again after uni. We also made it past my parents who (with all due respect) vehemently opposed the idea of us getting hitched. But it's all good now--having children had a wonderful effect on restoring broken bonds with my parents (especially with my mom).

For Reuben and Sean I stuck by my guns and continued breastfeeding them fully for as long as I could. This meant that unlike the time we had Brandon and Andrea, Han could not help with the night time feeds because these two boys didn't take any formula, and I've been the only one really managing the night time wake-up calls. In fact, Sean doesn't seem to want to drink anything out of a bottle! Despite the usual tactics we employ to tank up Sean at nights, I guess my milk supply doesn't have quite enough calories to keep him sated. I know this will pass once he starts eating proper solid food, and that the results will be worth the effort somehow.

So those are just a few things I thought back on which seem to suggest that I'm not just a sprinter after all. 🙂



#1Gravatar imagemabs says:

Congratulations! May you be blessed and keep on churning out more great soaps! :)

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks Mabs. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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