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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Han took the day off and we bundled the 3 older kiddies into the car to watch Rise of the Guardians at Paradigm Mall (it's our very first visit to the place). Then in the evening, after dinner, Han suggested that we go for a walk to Taman Aman. It must have been quite an adventure for the kids, to be roaming around in the semi-darkness, through wet jogging paths and soggy grass.

Brandon would occasionally cling tightly onto my hand, saying that he didn't know if we'd remember how to find our way home.

Andrea would loudly declare that she wasn't afraid of the dogs that were barking from behind someone's gate--and she genuinely seemed quite confident about walking past shrubbery which she said could be hiding "monsters and zombies and bad guys".

Reuben, after getting off the main road that was busy with the evening traffic, would wriggle out of Han's grasp so he could walk on his own, with his siblings. He'd point at things and exclaim (I'm assuming that he was naming things). At one point he was purposefully sticking a foot into each and every hole in between the concrete slabs on the pavement.

It was storytime as usual after we all got home and the kids were showered and cleaned up for bed. Shortly after the lights were turned out, Han heard Andrea wailing in bed. He went to investigate, and when he asked why she had suddenly begun to cry, she said that it was because she missed Grandma.

We don't know what triggered her emo-ness... But I find it very touching all the same. It's good to know that Andrea remembers Mummy in her own way.

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