Two More Weeks

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I have this nagging, guilty feeling that my kids are being neglected now that baby #4 is due to arrive in just a couple of weeks' time. I can't sit, stand, lie down or do anything for long stretches of time, much less run with the boys (who really need the physical activity).

Sometimes I have to consciously remind myself that it's only temporary. It won't be like this for much longer.

So this afternoon here's what they're doing:

Andrea is focused on her drawing at art class. Today she's trying out using 3 tones for each colour and drawing local fruits. 🙂 If only she was this attentive to eating her meals!

Reuben's flipping through a magazine. He loves reading and looking at pictures, but I really cannot put him on my lap comfortably.

Brandon's rummaging through his boxes of LEGO to find 'treasure' - all the unique little pieces like bits of seaweed, translucent pieces, crystals, bows and arrows.

They find their ways to entertain themselves, while I constantly shift my weight from one foot to the other, and try my best to get comfortable. Not long now...

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