Get Moving, Michelle…

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

There are times when one finds his mind disconcertingly blank in the midst of a frenzied daily routine.

I feel like that now.

I'm tired. Used up. And like the literal deer staring at oncoming headlights, I know I'm going to get run over by commitments that are due.

How can you feel like this, someone might ask me, when you're living a fairy-tale life? The magical family, a growing business, a good home to live in.

Is it because I'm doing too much? Trying too hard?

Damn this haze in my head.

Perhaps tonight I'll go to bed early and wake up with a renewed sense of purpose.

One can always hope.

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#1Gravatar imageHuey says:

HUGS I know what you mean. This holiday-break is a much needed one for me this round – though I’m still catching up with some work, which I really shouldn’t.

Sometimes people like us (or at least like me) need to ‘force’ ourselves to take seriously breaks – from work, and from trying too hard. :)

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