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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

We celebrated Brandon's fourth birthday last night. It was loud, slightly chaotic, and a lot of fun amongst family members. All three kids were so well-mannered and well-behaved all day, especially Brandon who reigned in his excitement to open his birthday presents right till the end of the day, after dinner and the cake was cut.

He liked all his gifts (thanks everyone!). Ours was a full-on LEGO firetruck, complete with extendable ladder and other moving parts, which he assembled together with Han this morning. (In the meantime, Andrea was painting with his new set of paints from my in-laws.) This is Brandon's first real experience with adult-sized LEGO pieces, as opposed to the big Duplo blocks. Couple the fiddly-ness of LEGO creations with the rough and tumble play style of four-year-olds, and try to imagine the ensuing play time.

This was today's scenario.

Penguin, stuck on top of a tall building (Andrea):
"HeLP me! Help me!"

Fireman, on his walkie-talkie (Brandon):
"Wait, Penguin! I have to call the workshop to fix my truck first. Hold on ah."

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