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Thursday, 26 August 2010

No, I'm not talking about moving out of our apartment, or having more kids. Three's just fine, thank you very much! (Although, I have mentioned a few times to friends that looking at Reuben now, I melt and entertain the insane thought of bringing up more babies...)

I'm referring to how we look at our own human capacities.

I see my children hungrily absorb what they see around them, and they continually push their boundaries. There are no 'good' and 'bad' things to them--they just want to experiment and discover their surroundings.

As adults, why do we sometimes tell ourselves that we can't learn something new? While it may be true that physically speaking, children are more apt at learning because they're younger, as adults we have the ability to decide what we want to do with ourselves. And I'm sure that within all of us is the determination to see our desires to fruition.

For those of us who believe we are here because of the power of the divine, we have a responsibility to ask ourselves if we are making full use of our human capacities. It doesn't matter which faith we embrace. If we were made by God, then surely we carry the means to be blessings to those around us.

I'm not saying we should all strive to be over-achievers. But what I'm thinking is, that we should at least open ourselves up to the notion that we are all capable of great things. Never should we entertain the thought that we can't contribute to society in a meaningful way, or have no power to change what we feel is wrong. Beautiful symphonies can only be played and enjoyed when a collection of individuals come together in harmony. Each person has his role to play.

And we must play our roles well.

So for me, as one person wearing many hats, I must hold myself responsible to always improve myself (with good cheer) as a wife, daughter, mother, sister, business owner, employer, and member of society. Nobody can be perfect, but I guess there's no harm to at least better ourselves a little bit at a time, and enjoy the process!

I would like to take Kinder Soaps to a new level. Plans are already underway, but I'll reveal more only when things are more concrete.

My dad has asked me to help him in his business venture in a small way. What he aims to do is staggering--I can't say more than that. My mother's passing, while sad, was not fruitless, as my dad is now at liberty to work on this particular passion of his. I need to commit myself to putting time and effort into his venture.

As each day goes by, and I consider my privilege of being able to spend more time with my children than an average working mother can afford to, I wonder how I can help them grow into responsible, productive citizens. Now I realise just how little I know, and how I fall short of being the kind of role model they can look up to.

I refuse to stagnate. God help me be a bigger, better person wherever He sees fit.

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