Review: Beverly In Summer Messenger Bag From Christy Studio

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I am completely thrilled with my first 'purchase' from Christy Foh of We actually did a barter trade / exchange--a bunch of my handmade soap for 1 of her made-to-order canvas sling bags. I'm happy to report that both sides are satisfied with what we have received from each other! So here's what I find wonderful about her Beverly in Summer messenger bag.

Beverly in Summer

My essentials inside

Here it is sitting pretty, with my essentials comfortably stashed inside: a long tri-fold wallet, my journal, and mobile phone. It holds its shape pretty well, don't you think? At first I thought it was a little slouchy especially when I slung it across my body, but it does look very smart when placed on a flat surface. Oh, it weighs a miniscule 280g! This is great, especially when this mom carries a brick for a wallet.

So how would it hold up to my usual day-to-day activities? How would it look if I took it to, say, the IRB to submit and pay for hubby's service tax? It could easily fit my clear plastic sleeve where I usually insert my submission forms and cheque(s), thanks to the fact that the bag is actually pretty tall, and is folded down to create its closure. Once again, look how well it retains its shape when placed on a flat surface (I didn't prop it up with anything for all these shots):

With plastic sleeve contained inside

Next: How about if I took one of the kids out for a short trip? Could I possibly manage without having to carry a separate diaper bag? I'd need to bring a water bottle, a spare diaper, and maybe a face towel and some wet wipes. Here's what the bag could do for me with its two outer pockets:

Baby bottle and towel in outer pockets

Sweet! But could I still fold down the bag to cover up the bottle and towel? Yup. 😀 Mind you, my wallet etc were still inside the bag.

Baby bottle and towel concealed

See why I like this bag so much? It's like wearing an extra set of very accessible pockets on your body! Alright then, here are some other handy features. There's a long pocket on the outer portion of the body, perfect for slipping in a magazine you've grabbed on the go:

Long outer back pocket

Long outer back pocket 2

Then there are the two outer front pockets, one of which has a little dog clip to hang on to your keys (no more jangling around my bag to find them!)

Key clip

The bag's strap length is also incredibly easy to adjust, and holds fast. Do you see the stitching? It's not just double stitched, but TRIPLE stitched! Most of the bag's edges are finished this way--I have the distinct impression that this bag is going to hold up very well to regular usage.

Adjustable portion of the bag's strap

And this is how the strap is attached to the body.

Strap attached to the body

So there you have it--a lovingly crafted, made-to-order bag from ChristyStudio. She usually takes about 4-5 days to make each item, and is very prompt with her communication. The next time you think about getting yourself a bag, do drop by Christy's shop and give yourself a real treat!

Christy Studio's label


#1Gravatar imageMin Yen says:

i heart that bag!

#2Gravatar imageFei says:

love how you did it with barter…btw, YAY to new baby! 😀 will start thinking of names too…what’s his chinese name? and which day exactly he was born on? wanna put it on my phone 🙂

#3Gravatar imageKim says:

OK, I was waffling, but now I’m sold!

#4Gravatar imageMelissa says:

wow, LOVE IT

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