Dad’s Big Adventure

Friday, 20 November 2009

Everyone who knows of my mom's death has been concerned about how my father has been faring since. I think I can safely say, from what I gather from our conversations, is that he's doing pretty okay. 🙂

We spoke at length the other day, while the children were asleep in the afternoon. There were a number of administrative things to tidy up. He told me how some little things, his old routines, made him think of her and miss her. We cried a little.

But we also spoke of his future plans for a new business he wants to get off the ground. He has been painstaking, lovingly nurturing this idea of his, feeding it with astounding research in both depth and breadth for years. At this point in time, he feels that finally, THIS IS IT. Time to take the plunge.

With his new found freedom and noone to pour cold water on his plans anymore (sorry mummy, I don't mean disrespect but we know it's true), he can truly get things into motion if he puts his mind to it. And it looks like he has--he's very excited about what's in store for him.

I'm very proud of daddy. Always have been. As it was with my mother, very few people are privy to this man with the quiet disposition, who usually let my mother shine and take centre stage. 🙂 I'm proud that he dares to want to realise his ideals--to lift them off the pages of his library of research and transform them into workable solutions, for the sake of improving society's quality of life by respecting the resources god put on earth for us.

Does that sound a little lofty? Perhaps it does. But ideals such as these give Hope the breath and life it needs to thrive in our world. I'm just glad that my father wants to play an active part in it.

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