Characteristics of Substitutes

Friday, 28 August 2009

Assume that you are aware of, own, experience, or appreciate something which you know is inherently good.

Now think of getting something else to take its place. The reason why it's being replaced, for the sake of this discourse, is because you can't have access to the 'original'. Keep this squarely in your thoughts.

What do you perceive are the characteristics of the substitute item? Based on recent experiences, here's what I feel about substitutes for good things.

  • They fill your time with emptiness.
  • They leave you wanting more--not in a good way.
  • Sometimes they leave guilt in their wake.
  • They're a short term fix and rarely something fulfilling in the long term.
  • Sour grapes.
  • They could blind you to what you can already be grateful for.
  • There's a high chance your mental, emotional and physical states will be made to suffer. As a result, so will those of your loved ones.

I don't mean to sound dejected. These are just my observations and I'm working my way through some issues.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this too.

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#1Gravatar imageHilmy says:

As long as we see the substitute as just that – a substitute – we’d never be able to appreciate the substitute for what it truly is. We’d always measure it against the good it is not, and end up being constantly disappointed.

If instead we can see it as something unique and different, then we’re giving it a chance to fulfil it’s potential, and it could become a new good that we can appreciate. It will never replace the old good, but it could be something good enough to make a difference.

Losing something good that we know we can never get back is hard to deal with. However, that’s part of the tour package we call life, and I think going through it makes us better persons. Knowing something good can be lost means we’ll really appreciate a good, new thing when it appears.

I guess to sum it up, it’s probably better to see things and people as they are, instead of what we’d wish they’d be. Then they can really be able to make us happy.

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