Lionel, It’s Your Big Day!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

You are in Malacca right now. It's 7:30am--you may already be in the thick of playing heng tai-chee mui games, you and your manly men battling your way through obstacles to get to your bride-to-be. Lots of fun, peels of laughter. Photos taken to preserve these memories.

I can still remember the days when I was teaching you how to dribble a basketball, because it was something I had just learned in school. Till this day, you still shoot hoops whenever you get the chance and there's NO WAY I can take part in your 3-on-3 games at the moment, unless there's a need for a plank of wood to occasionally teeter off to catch a stray ball. I am proud that you have chosen to develop your musicianship in your own way, always wanting to better your skills. You always had a way of cracking me up. "Look what I've got! It's a ladybird, come and see..." comes to mind. Heh.

And that you have the kind of open, warm and caring character with a quiet conviction about your principles. Well. We have our parents to thank for that, and I'm thankful that you also chose to adopt these traits. If only more people knew about how precious it is to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

So today when I stand on stage with Tricia as your master of ceremonies, I hope I won't cry. Because despite how you have grown physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, I still see that it's my little brother who's getting married. I hope I have contributed in some small way to make your past meaningful. And that we will continue to build each other up in love as we move forward in life, even though we walk very different paths.

I love you, Lionel. Both you and Shea-Fee are powerhouses individually. Who knows what wonderful things you'll do as a married couple. God bless as you start this brand new chapter in life together with your rings on your fingers. Keep your playfulness alive.

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