25 Things I Do To Instantly Feel Happier

Thursday, 2 July 2009

I'm currently reading "Awaken The Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins, picking up the book whenever I get the chance to sit quietly at the table. I won't give you a summary of what it's all about, but suffice to say it aims to make you sit up and finally take control of your life, so you can live the way you've always wanted to.

The good thing about reading this book is that interspersed between long discussions and explanations, are introspective exercises that get you to dig up the 'real' you, and very clear instructions on how to go about implementing lasting change in your life (as long as you yourself are actually committed to change).

Today I did yet another exercise, and I'd like to share with you what I penned in my journal as the things I can do (whether subconsciously or otherwise) to instantly lift myself out of an emotional rut. I dunno, maybe it can get some cogs turning in your head too. With the demands of running a household and minding my two kids almost 24-7, it has been a real challenge to do this--to instead gather myself up and return to a position of power as opposed to crumpling into a heap and hoping someone will take notice and give me some attention. But putting these actions down in writing and actually reading them on paper gives these reflections an added... Power, I would say. So here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Practise yoga.
  2. Read a book.
  3. Play the piano.
  4. Have a good stretch.
  5. Breathe deeply, look upwards and smile.
  6. Hug and kiss my children and husband.
  7. Call a girlfriend to chat.
  8. Make a set of notecards.
  9. Make a batch of soap.
  10. Write a blogpost.
  11. Send someone a birthday card.
  12. Drop some money into our Financial Freedom Account jar.
  13. Draw something.
  14. Play like crazy with the kids.
  15. Sing as if I'm performing for a large audience.
  16. Take a shower.
  17. Find a new soap or skincare product recipe, print it out and file it away for experimenting later.
  18. Write in my journal.
  19. Call my mom, dad or brother for a chat.
  20. Toss out some old junk I don't need anymore.
  21. Tidy up a small area of the house.
  22. Read a story to the kids with lots of actions.
  23. Smell fresh flowers.
  24. Take a look at my bucket list off goals--things I must do before I die.
  25. Play some nice music to suit my desired mood.

It was an eye-opening exercise to do this. The next time I feel any negativity setting in, I'll remember to practise these actions to counter them. I'd love to grow this list as time passes too! Anthony Robbins says something about aiming to have a hundred or more in it. Phwoar!

So what do you do to lift your spirits? Is it something you do consciously or otherwise? Is it an easy habit for you, or a struggle?

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