New Beginnings

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

November 7th-9th

Got super hyped up at the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Singapore, came back a changed person. First time away from babies for more than a day. Was graciously hosted by Jessie and Kris.

When I came back, I saw Andrea roll right over onto her tummy for the first time. 😀

Brandon has taken to dancing in a whole new way--replete with hand gestures, stomping on the spot and in circles, head bobbing, swaying from side to side...

November 11th

Went back to work, felt convicted that EVERYONE in the company should go for some form of motivational training, spoke to the Deputy CEO about it. Ended up getting roped into spearhead the formation of the Group's Training Department! Very excited about it. Am currently working on training budget proposal. Not easy, but then again the only way to grow in any manner is to move beyond one's comfort zone.

November 21st

Established business partnership with Wen Yee to form Chamomile Labs - The Kinder Soap Company! We're gonna change the quality of life for people living with sensitive skin, by offering all natural handmade skincare, ranging from soaps to moisturizers.

November 28th

Meeting with a potential client went really well! We were floored by how doors are opening for us--praise God! 🙂

November 29th

Sent out our first newsletter to our small mailing list! I'm sure it's gonna grow by leaps and bounds as they make their way to our contacts' friends and families.

December 1st

MindValley launches GratitudeLog and a spanking new version of Blinklist. I don't use the latter, but I know first-hand just why GratitudeLog is touted to be the happiest place on the internet! It's addictive!

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