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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Glitter balls at 7ateNine The past few days have been quite hectic at work. We're finally launching our new fund on the 17th, after months of delays and returned submissions to the Securities Commission. With the exception of the fund's leaflet and our company's master brochure, all other materials are already in production with the printer.

The annoying thing is that even with so many delays we're still running a tight schedule, especially on the printing side. I thought I would be able to give us all a bit more breathing space by getting as much as I could prepared while waiting for EPF to get back to us with an official approval of our fund under their Member's Investment Scheme... But things still piled up to be done at the very last moment.

Anyway. The happy thing is that I've finally gotten round to properly delegating tasks to my department's staff and having them take charge of certain things, so that they too can learn how to delegate. It's all part of upgrading their skills, and I'm so proud to see them developing well. I am by no means an expert in what I do, and the best I can offer is rough guidance--but when I step back and watch them work, there's something undeniably respectable about a person when you start seeing him or her go about their new tasks with vigour and a newly-found sense of confidence.

That's job satisfaction for me. And now it's time for bed.

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