Playtime Turned Naptime

Saturday, 31 May 2008

This was taken this evening, after Brandon spent a whole day with us running around shopping malls.

We had a rather fun day out--it started off with a brunch cum grocery run at Bangsar Village II, then we made an impromptu decision to go hunting for yet another LEGO Star Wars set at 1U.

(Note: if you are a fan of O'Brien's sandwiches, you really should check out the sandwich offerings at D'lish. When I first saw and tasted their triple decker sandwich, I was utterly convinced that there were no accountants or consultants involved in the process of that item finally appearing on the deli's menu. It felt all loved.)

Pelikan Mini Friends Fibre Colouring SetWe came home with quite a few goodies. The LEGO Sith Infiltrator that Han wanted, a father's day gift for his dad, and a Pelikan Mini Friends colouring set for Brandon. I think it's brilliant--the inks in the 6 fibre-tipped pens are made from non-toxic food colouring, they're washable from most fabrics, and have "bitter particles, avoid sucking stick" (so says the box). Brandon hasn't quite got the idea behind the pens yet. I showed him how they can be used to colour and mark paper, but he still prefers to have the cap back on and being able to grab as many pens as he can to run around the apartment with.

The LEGO Sith Infiltrator Here's what Han built in the afternoon. Didn't take long at all. Instead, it seems to me that he spent more time modifying it to make the structure stronger and more "whoosh-able". :p

And now it's time to hit the sack. I'm super tired and Han has a stubborn knot in his lower back. 🙁 Would be good if he could go visit Master Chang tomorrow to see if anything can be done about it. I tried massaging it last night but to no effect. It sucks that I can't do much to help.

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