Brandon at 14 months

Saturday, 17 May 2008

These days the snooze button on the alarm clock is rarely ever used. The clock is set to beep at 6:45am on weekdays--and when it sounds, it is turned off completely. At that point I've either jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, or gone back to sleep. Brandon is my snooze alarm, that goes off bang at 7:30am sharp.

Brandon with a coffee-laced stick at Ikea He usually doesn't cry when he gets up nowadays, but rather starts babbling quite cheerfully at us from his crib, until someone picks him up. It's usually Han, cuz my back takes a while to stabilise in the mornings. (The sciatic nerve in my right hip sometimes gets pinched quite badly because of Andrea's growing weight, resulting in uncomfortable walking, or my right leg suddenly giving way after a long while of sitting.) Only if we take too long to respond to him would he start to make cranky sounds. We plonk him between the two of us in bed where he happily rolls around, sayanging us in turn. Then I make him his first bottle of milk for the day, and by then he's all set to play--so I chuck him outside with Ratih while I get dressed for work.

Brandon now takes porridge twice a day. It's usually either pork, chicken or ikan bilis based, with vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, broccoli or spinach thrown in. His usual schedule is:

  • 10am: Nap for an hour
  • 11am: Porridge
  • 11:30am: Play
  • 2pm: Milk
  • 3pm: Nap for an hour
  • 4pm: Bath
  • 4:45pm: Porridge
  • Play
  • 7pm: Dinner, usually consisting of rice in some soup, plus steamed fish and vegetables. If there's no meat, I ask Ratih to give him a thoroughly cooked egg yolk instead
  • 9pm-ish: Last round of milk, usually after playing with us for a while back at the apartment.
  • 10pm: Sleep (well, at least that's what we try to keep to!)

Brandon's turning out to be a fairly well-mannered little man, I'm proud to say. 🙂 For instance, there was the other night when I was out late for a recording session, and Han was minding Brandon at his parents' place. B was already more tired than usual because he had missed his afternoon nap--so he was rubbing his eyes, scratching the back of his head--all the usual signs that he's tired. But he quietly entertained himself with Han's mobile while Han was watching TV. At last when he couldn't take it anymore, he put down the phone, slid himself off Han's lap, stood in front of him and started making his pleading I-want-to-go-home noises, and stomping around a bit. "We're still waiting for mummy to come home," Han told him. B seemed to understand, cuz he looked back at Han, then ran into his arms and tried to make himself comfortable again. Not a whimper or a cry. 🙂

We're also very glad that we stuck it out through a trying period of getting him to sleep on his own. Previously Ratih used to rock him to sleep, even after several times of telling her not to. So we finally had a long talk with her about why she needed to help Brandon to be more independent, which was primarily because she'd really have her hands full when Andrea arrives. So after about 5 days (that seemed like weeks!) of heart-wrenching crying at naptimes and at night, Brandon finally sleeps on his own without us having to carry him. In fact, he makes it very clear when he's ready for bed, as he now either walks up to his crib or leans towards it when he is carried. Once he's placed there, he'll happily roll around on his back for a while, listen to us sing to him after we turn off the lights, then drift off on his own.

Brandon feeding Han a biscuit Here's something else that B surprised us with--he offers to share with us stuff that he's eating. 🙂 It could be a biscuit, a bit of bread, or even his teething ring. I was once offered a plastic key that he was chewing on, which I declined. Su An says that her mom taught him that. Apart from sharing his food, he is also more open to passing our belongings back to us after playing with them for a while--something that he seemed to hate doing a few weeks before.

Brandon and my mom And here's Brandon with my mom. It's great that she makes it a point to spend at least one day a week at our apartment to babysit him--otherwise we won't get to see each other much, and Brandon would miss out on bonding with his grandma. She offers to cook dinner for us at our place too! It's an arrangement that I like very much, especially because it means that Brandon gets to bed a bit earlier than usual.

We think that Brandon should be talking soon, as he's surrounded by chatty family members most of the time. His babbling is getting more and more varied, and we're starting to recognise patterns in his range of sounds. But he still calls everything "daddy". :p He points at things a lot, followed by looking at us intently and babbling, as if he's trying to tell us something about the object/person.

Speaking of babbling, I might end up doing the same if I try to push myself to stay awake any longer. :"> Even Han, the nightbird, was asleep ages ago...


#1Gravatar imagefei-o says:

my colleague has a baby girl who also loves to give things/share things to people. she’s constantly offering things to anyone even total strangers. it’s so cute! XD

#2Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

Andrea!! Nice name! 🙂

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