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Monday, 4 February 2008

"I want to buy a Lego set."

"Can I please buy a Lego set?"

"I already know which one I want."

So I finally pinned down this weekend as THE weekend to get Han his much-desired toy. It's quite cute to see him this excited about something--like a small boy beaming with anticipation of a super cool gift from his parents. He's always been a Lego nut since young. Toys R Us at Bangsar Village II was our destination on Saturday.

Posed Exo-Force Aero Booster Han lost no time getting started on building his Exo-Force Aero Booster. He delighted in the high quality manufacturing of all the pieces--they were as solid as ever, fit together perfectly and this time there were more interesting shapes and configurations. This one even has a missile launcher with a proper spring mechanism! Guess Lego finally bent to consumer demands and sidestepped their original principle of not making projectiles a part of their designs.

Here are some close-ups:

Close-up of articulated fingers

Close-up of missile launcher

Close-up of model's three turbines</

Posed Exo-Force Golden GuardianThe next day he picked up this other model, the Exo-Force Golden Guardian (Limited Edition). It's Blingy. Gold. Shiny stickers on its razor shield. WHOA. Again the model was put together in a couple of hours and Han was gushing over how posable it is, which was even better than the usual plastic models of anime robot characters. The Lego models have some fully articulated ball-socket joints that allow for a surprisingly wide range of movements--in this case, for the Guardian's ankles and shoulders. Its knees and hips can move realistically too. Personally I'm impressed by how far you can push the model's ability to shift its weight around. I made it stand on one leg, as if it was in the middle running--how cool is THAT?

Okay, so that was the PG-rated stuff. What did we, wholesome parents that we are, come up with next?

Lego stomping on figurine

Head in hand

(I hope neither Lego nor a child protection agency comes after us.)

My colourful froggy bank! Ahem. As for me, Han encouraged me to pick up a clay figurine to paint. The kits were not expensive--mostly between RM20 and RM30. So I chose this little frog bank to work on. Being stuck for pattern ideas, I just decided to copy nature, looking up poisonous frogs on the net. :p Layers and layers of acrylic colours later, the pristinely white terracotta figurine was transformed into this little cutie. I'm very proud of it as it's my first attempt at painting something that's not a sheet of paper (no, I never got to visit Plaster Fun House in its hey day). It helped that I had some good brushes to work with, and my own stash of acrylics (the red I used for its eyes was not in the standard issue of paints in the box--the original colours that were given were black, white, purple, neon pink, yellow and a very bright blue).

I think both of us felt refreshed having exercised different parts of our brains over the weekend.

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