Sunday, 27 January 2008

This week has been, to me, a pretty disastrous one for Brandon. On Monday he was playing on the floor at my in-laws' when he tipped over a model bicycle made of metal. It fell on his hand, slicing off quite a bit of skin on his right thumb. He bawled for ages--while we washed the cut, soaked it in disinfectant, bandaged it, distracted and comforted him as best as we could. By the time we got home at night however, he was over it and was back to his usual pre-bedtime play.

Today, his thumb has more or less healed completely. This morning I left him lying on his back on our bed, chewing his toothbrush while I walked to the nearby bin to throw his wet diaper. Upon turning back to get him, I saw that he had flipped himself over and was on his feet at the edge of the bed. I squealed and ran towards him, but he had already toppled over backwards and landed flat on the floor with a huge thump.

I was SO SCARED. He cried and cried and was so sweaty. I checked--no bleeding, no bruising, nowhere that I prodded and poked that made him cry even more. He cried with his eyes shut. Eventually he settled himself in the crook of Han's arm lying down, comforted by Han who sang him familiar nursery rhymes. About 15 minutes after his mishap, he was sound asleep for the next two hours.

Between the two of us, Han is definitely the calmer one. My thoughts were on a runaway train filled with what-ifs and worst-case scenarios. "Shall we get him to a doctor's for a tetanus shot?" "Should we go get his head scanned after that fall?"

I think we've been lucky so far--Brandon's a strong little fella. Despite his innate tendency to get into a fix he's gotten away lightly. And so have we! Gosh, and this is even before he can even walk...


#1Gravatar imagesooaun says:

i always believe that there are extra angels watching over little ones… if you think of all the what-if’s and what-could-have-happenes, it gets quite scary… just stand and watch children play in the playground and you will see how many close misses there are 😉

#2Gravatar imagemiaow says:

yesh dear… there really ARE angels looking after the children… hugs and love always…

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