The Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Some time ago Han and I started digging a little deeper into the world of posture-friendly mattresses. We did our online research, visited blogs and websites--then finally we made the time to visit a Tempur showroom along Jalan Maarof in Bangsar.

We were met by a middle-aged chinese fellow who towered over the both of us, and lost no time walking us through the history and features of Tempur mattresses. The first demonstration was how its visco-elastic material (he kept reminding us that it wasn't "Memory Foam", as their competitors had named their rip-off versions) would evenly distribute weight across its surface. He took a heavy ball bearing and bounced it off an ordinary piece of foam--it launched right back up into his palm. But when he dropped it into a slab of Tempur material it STUCK there, I kid you not. Not a movement more! It just stayed there, like it was too comfortable to consider any other action.

The two of us then lay on one of the mattresses. I personally had high expectations--I thought I would feel completely weightless, comfortable, and it would be SO easy to fall asleep. Truthfully though, the actual sensation was strange. Yes, I could feel my body being well supported from top to toe, but the weird thing was because the mattress was enveloping my body, I felt like I was caught in that position. It took some effort to turn onto my side. Han couldn't quite say whether he liked the feeling either.

Anyway we spent quite a bit of time there, listening the guy out as he went on to show us Tempur's bed frame that could fold and bend and vibrate to your body's content. The only thing I really appreciated was that the frame could fold up so you could read very comfortably in bed without your arms getting too tired. Apparently Tempur mattresses are used in hospital ICUs and operating theatres. That's in Singapore, don't know if they are in Malaysia.

The cost? For a king-sized mattress (we were looking to upgrade, after all) it would set us back by close to RM10,000 for a 15cm Combi Mattress. The 20cm version was just over RM1,000 more. And the canggih bed frame was about RM8,000 per single-sized unit (we would need two).

So while I know that sleeping with a good posture is important for our overall health and well-being, right now we just can't afford that kind of luxury. When Han doubles his salary and I triple mine, then we'll talk. But oh, the tantalizing idea of comfort it offers... Now that I'm pregnant again, the back aches are returning, and I would like so much to have some relief at the end of every day. :-<

(Starts thinking about mothers in remote villages who sleep on simple reed mats on the floor)


#1Gravatar imageChristine says:

i’m using the king coil maharaja mattress now and it reduced my backache during the first trimester. ever since then, i didn’t have anymore backaches. before i changed to that mattress (right before this pregnancy), i had horrible backaches even without being pregnant. maybe you can go survey. it’s about RM1000+ for queen size.

#2Gravatar imageErna says:


Been awhile since I’ve visited.

I haven’t met your boy and already your cute son has company coming?


A belated congratulations. 😉

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