Brandon at Almost 9 Months

Tuesday, 11 December 2007


He is approximately 8kg and 75cm tall. Not particularly chubby, but not skinny either. Rather long toes. Sometimes has clammy hands. I would trim his hair (it looks like the long grass in the Savannah on a particularly windy day), if only I could think of a way to keep him still while the deed is being done. He has several scars on his arms and legs from numerous mozzie bites. No moles anywhere. Still has mongolian spots on his bum and calves.

Motor Skills

He can crawl. Fast. Today I was told that he managed to escape Ratih and topple over a potted bird's nest fern that was innocently set on a side table by yanking on a frond. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt and nothing broke.

He can stand and crouch quite steadily without assistance. When he's feeling particularly playful and knows he's on a softer surface, like our bed, he gleefully draws himself up to his full height, chuckles or screeches and then plunges face first into the mattress. The result is usually a very sweaty Brandon and a bedsheet that looks like it has been overrun by snails.


"Ba-baba-babwaba-bwa!" The look on his face when he says it is absolutely adorable--it's like he's completely relishing the experience of making the sound, with his cheeks and chin and eyes getting in on the act. I notice that more often than not, he says "Ma" when distressed or when he wants to eat or sleep. Sighing his signature "Heeeeh...", usually while reclining against Han during the car ride home from my in-laws' at the end of the day. Han and I hope, however, that he doesn't pick up the weird sounds that Ratih makes when she plays with him, like "Nang ning nang ning nang ning" or "chit chit chit". RRGH.


Porridge with pork, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, onions. Rusks. Biscuits. When we go out for a meal we keep him busy with a piece of bread, a little soup (but only after tasting it to make sure it's not too salty) and once he even ate a leaf of rocket--yes, the nutty, bitter one. He still can't feed himself with a spoon yet, but we do encourage him to use his hands to do so. It's a right royal mess of course! I still breastfeed him first thing in the mornings, and then evenings just when he's about to go to bed. 2 rounds of formula in a day.


Swimming and taking him to the playground on weekends (to tire him out!). Recently we have avoided the pool as he caught a flu bug from me--he's got a runny nose, no fever. At the playground we put him on the see saw and slides, assisted, since he can't run around on his own just yet. The fun part is seeing how he observes all the other families with young children (all of them older than him, so far), very intently looking at what they do, in a rather self-absorbed manner.

He likes going after dangly things like cables, wires, ropes, handbag handles and necklaces. Our camera and phones are also objects of fascination for him. He's taken to picking up random objects and either putting them in his mouth, repeatedly dropping them, or waving them around for a bit. Everything warrants a taste. He has chewed off a small portion of a restaurant menu and swallowed it. No, I didn't ask Ratih if she spotted it in his poo the next day, but I'm sure it came out at some point.

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