Brandon at 7 Months

Monday, 15 October 2007

Brandon and Han chewing their lower lipsYup, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Brandon's first tooth just started breaking through his gums 3 days ago--it's his lower front left incisor. You can spot a narrow little slit on his lower gums. Thankfully it's not inflamed and doesn't look like it's infected. Han's been on the receiving end of his sharp bites a few times already.

Am I still breastfeeding him? Yes. Has he chomped down on my nipples? No. Am I scared? Not really, but then that's only because I know that he doesn't have a full set of teeth just yet.

He's now also able to push himself up to sit, albeit unintentionally. :p He's also strong enough to grab onto the sides of his crib, pull himself up and happily gum away at the rails. Time to lower his bed before he topples out!

As before, Brandon still prefers to stand rather than crawl, although he's much more mobile on the floor than he was a month ago. Carpet tassels and castors provide much of the incentive he needs to make him scoot across our room. He also knows how to place his head gently on the ground, after one incident where he bashed his head on the floor the same way as he does while on our bed.

To supplement his milk diet, Brandon has pork and/or ikan bilis porridge, slow cooked with tomatoes, carrots and onions, and sometimes spinach. Ratih makes it really well. I wouldn't mind having that for my lunch sometimes! He usually eats the porridge 3 times a day, and in between has milk. I don't think he's a finicky eater.

If you hear him suddenly wail or scream, it's probably because he's having his diaper changed. The best remedy is to dangle something overhead to distract him while working on his nappy.

He's equal parts quiet observer and shrieky what's-that-must-grab-and-bite-it little person. More sociable during the day when his energy levels are still up. Gets cranky in the evenings, especially if he is both tired and hungry.

As huggable as ever. I find that he looks at me more nowadays...and I am comforted.

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#1Gravatar imageHui Li says:

Can’t wait to see that megawatt smile 😀

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