Sunday, 8 July 2007

A couple of ang moh kids are screaming and squealing in the pool downstairs. They've been at it for the past half hour. Ah, the things to look forward to when Brandon gets a bit older...

Yesterday we had our study and bedroom windows tinted, which get direct exposure to the morning sun. We honestly thought that it was going to be expensive--but in the end we kept asking Alan, the salesperson, to check and recheck his quotation because it was so cheap! RM266 for both the materials and workmanship to do both rooms. Personally I was impressed with his service because he wasn't the type to recommend the high-end 3M products (which were 10 times more costly) right away. He is, admittedly, a smooth talker too--in his candid chinaman kind of way, and thankfully he wasn't greasy.

At the office things are heating up as the launch for a new fund looms closer. I'm not panicking even though things aren't moving as quickly as they should. Maybe I should panic about that.

Brandon's asleep now. Observing and playing with him in the past few weeks has been a whole lot of fun--he has learned how to grasp and hold things with better control, and seems to like to talk more often than ever. When we put him on his tummy on one end of our bed, it takes him about 2 minutes to wriggle his way to the other end. He leaves a trail of drool in his wake... kinda like a snail.

On another topic, there's good news that the proposed incinerator project at Broga has been scrapped by the government. The only reason this jumped out at me is that a friend of mine worked for the PR company that was handling this case. Great to know that this one has finally been settled, and that the residents in the area can breathe more easily now.

Hunger pangs... today we've got 2 meal dates to look forward to. Popiah lunch at my in-laws' and a family reunion at cousin Nicole's place. Welcome back from Stanford, girl!


#1Gravatar imageNicole says:

Hey it was lovely having you over for dinner. Brandon is such a darling! (read: smart little attention-seeker ;)) We’ll meet up for another meal soon. Have a great week!

#2Gravatar imagesooaun says:

good to know you three are doing well! take care 😉

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