Saturday, 26 May 2007

How come Brandon mostly cries when I carry him and he stops when Ratih does?



#1Gravatar imagefeio says:

errrrr…maybe you’re too skinny?


#2Gravatar imagemiaow! says:

damn… feio. that’s a bit of a daft comment, no?

anyways, girl, i honestly can’t answer and i could probably tell you not to take it to heart, but.. again that’s daft.

sometimes kids just do things, just coz… not for reason’s of “i wanna get back at her for ditching me to go back to work” hehe truly. talk to him.. these lil tyke’s do understand the tone, if not the words… he’s probably got some anxiety issues, he’ll recover and understand his surroundings better in a bit.. give it time, babes… hang in there til, k? then again, im not a mommy, just me.. silly weetle ol’ me.

hope it gets better in a jiffy babes

#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

feio: Actually you’re probably right–when your brother or Ratih carries him he’s nicely cushioned. :p Different story when it comes to your mom and me lah.

Miaow!: Thanks. 🙂 I was probably just cranky and not thinking straight from lack of sleep the night before.

#4Gravatar imagefeio says:

hahaha…thought so. cuz he starts whimpering when i carry him too…=P but then again it could also be because i’m not used to carrying babies…=_=’

#5Gravatar imagefeio says:

aaaand also don’t forget that maybe he can’t really form ‘opinions’ yet but probably ‘think’ on a mostly sensory level…

i say maybe cuz i’m no baby expert but just thinking logically…

lots of maybe’s but mainly i think don’t get too bothered about little things like this yet…su an hates it when i hug her…so what does tHAt say? =___=’

#6Gravatar imageruach says:

aww. maybe it’s ’cause he’s used to her picking him up during the weekdays. don’t worry too much about it – a smart boy knows his mother. 🙂

#7Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

all in all, you are still his mummy. there’s no denying that 😉

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