Bottle-feeding OK!

Thursday, 10 May 2007

This is a completely mommy post.

We've ascertained that right now, Brandon takes 5oz per feed (he's now 8 weeks young). Today's the third time Han's tried giving him the bottle for his last feed for the night, and Brandon looked positively drugged when he was done! Putting him to bed was effortless. It took me an entire day of pumping after each feed to get that precious amount--so I need to start freezing the milk from tomorrow onwards to make sure that he's got his stash for Monday, at least.

I'm alright with the idea of giving him formula in the event that I don't get to express enough milk for him to last the hours while I'm away at work. Which one, I have no idea. There's a small sample tin in the kitchen that was given to me by my gynae but I've only glanced at it once, ever (thinking that it would be a breeze to collect lots and lots of milk--HAH!).

So all concerns about him not taking to the bottle, or having nipple confusion etc are laid to rest. I'm quite relieved.

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#1Gravatar imageErna says:

Well I recommend a soy-based milk, I forgot its name but it’s good for babies who might find cow’s milk intolerable. Asian thing, our lactose intolerance.

Someone I knew adopted a newborn and she just kept crying all the time. That stopped after switching to soy formula. Hope that works out! And kisses to baby Brandon. 🙂

And I’m back at, tee hee.

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