Demented Nursery Rhyme

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Hickory dickory dock.
Three mice ran up the clock.
The clock struck one.
The rest escaped with minor injuries.

(Courtesy of my dad)


#1Gravatar imageHilmy says:

That got a chuckle out of me. Nice one 🙂

#2Gravatar imageserena says:

err do you know that nursery rhymes have very hidden meanings?? and most of them are not PG.

#3Gravatar imageHilmyworks » Blog Archive » Hickory Dickory Slashdotted says:

[…] On Thursday, March 27th, one of the Salameanders posted a nursery rhyme: […]

#4Gravatar imageHilmy says:

A strange coincidence?.

Michelle, your spouse wouldn’t happen to have SlashDot powers, now would he?

#5Gravatar imageAsad says:

hehe.. your dad’s got a wicked sense of humour… ofcourse, this poem also shows how accustomed he is to hearing bout traffic mishaps over the radio 😛

#6Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Serena: YES, Han’s wary of ALL nursery rhymes now! :p But they sounded completely innocent to me…

Hilmy and Asad: Alas, no Slashdot powers. My dad actually picked up this ditty from one of his aeromodeling forums (which does explain why he subscribes to them–birds of a feather do flock together), and Slashdot probably fetched it from there.

#7Gravatar imageMiranda says:

heres one
miss mary mack mack mack
all dressed in black black black
she has a knife knife knife
stuck in her back back back
she cannot breathe breathe breathe
she cannot cry cry cry
thats why she begs begs begs
she begs to die die die

its from a book called white is for magic its a good book i recomend it but read the first one blue is for nightmares

#8Gravatar imageRoman says:

I got one thanks to Wensday Addams
Hickory Dickory Dock
The rat ran up the clock
The Clock stroke one
And the little boy died.

And one when I was distracting myself from doing my math Homework.
Rock-a-bye Baby on the Tree top
As the wind blows, the cradle will rot
When that bough breaks the serpents will rise
And everyone gets poisoned and the Baby will die.

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