Homeward Bound

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Sorry, no pics with this update. Just want to let everyone know that Brandon's out of ICU and is rooming in with his mum now. He's happily breastfeeding and enjoying a round of sunbathing in the UV. Mother and child are scheduled to check out of hospital tomorrow morning and finally come home. For those who wish to come by to see mother and baby, a good day would be any time (call me or Mich first) after Tuesday to give them plenty of time to rest and settle down comfortably before seeing visitors.

I've cleared up the apartment as best as I can to welcome our dear son home. First thing tomorrow, will be to stop by the house to get some things, then to Bandar Utama to pick up Mrs Choo--our confinement lady--before heading back to the hospital to collect my two precious cargo. Su Fei and Michelle's parent should be back by then to help us out. Everyone's been offering to help us out with logistics, transport, groceries etc. We're overwhelmed by the show of support from the entire family, thanks everyone!

Michelle decided that she wants to do exclusive breastfeeding to Brandon, so we'll appreciate it if everyone will give her lots of encouragement and support by letting mother and baby have their quiet time to nurse and by not buying for us any infant formula (usually contains sugar while breast milk is flavourless), feeding bottles and pacifiers so as to prevent nipple confusion. Mother and child are both learning the ropes on breastfeeding (you'd think that babies ought to be born knowing how to suckle didn't you?) We also found out about a breastfeeding support group called Mamalink, so we will go check them out soon. Michelle's goal is to breastfeed Brandon for at least 2 years--quite a marathon for a first-time mum--so let's all help them both out ya?

Please don't get us any baby clothes as he'll outgrow them very quickly. Helpful gifts to get for baby are diaper, building blocks, story books, art-craft materials (like paper, crayons, color pencils) and monkey faces. We'll also be using lots of antiseptic hand soap/gel, cotton buds, towels, Napisan and wet-wipes (OMG, lots of wet-wipes) for the first few years, so any gifts of that sort will be very much appreciated :).

Finally, if you ever wish to praise Brandon, please don't say he's so smart or that he's talented--tell him, 'you must have worked hard on this'.

Baby B and Mich sends their love to everyone and hope to see you all soon!

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