Baby B

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Thanks to everyone who came by today. On behalf of our son, I apologise for the no-show, and hope these sneak pics can make up for it...

In the ICU with the glucose drip Proud mommy

Tiny hands Tiny feet

Furry mammal All wired up... and still no broadband

8:45pm feed Fell asleep during a feed

The next series of shots, were taken when I went to see him around 10:15pm before I came home...

Asleep? Hello there...

Both eyes now Who?

Daddy! Got milk?

Baby B is doing great, he's off the oxygen and cleared all his other tests. Now it's just the monitoring stage and see if he's feeding properly. Doctor Azam, our paediatrician, reckons he could start on breastfeeding again as soon as Saturday morning, but he will need to stay on for one more round of 24-hour observation before he can come home. Michelle will stay for one more night at the hospital to keep him company and to feed him on demand if all goes well.

He's down to one last test, which is a blood culture test to clear him of suspected Septicemia (see also, Sepsis). Do pray for him so that he may come home with mommy soon!

Flower power

Thanks for all the gifts and well wishes! Sorry I had to take them home because newborn babies could be allergic to flower pollen and we were running out of space in her room :p Brandon and Michelle sends their love and thanks to everyone for the prayers and support.


#1Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

eeeeeeeee…. he opened his eyes! super cute! 😀

#2Gravatar imageAsad says:

Glad to know lil Brandon’s progressing well!! As always, our prayers and best wishes are with you all… cant wait to see pix of lil Brandon taking in the sights of his home 🙂

Congrats and take care you guys!!! 😀

#3Gravatar imagemiaow! says:

oooooh eyes! toooo cute!

#4Gravatar imagehuilee says:

wah wah wah~ baby B~!!! XD congrats~!!!! wah~ sure pandai tido one born this year~ >:P

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