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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

our very first sofaI think only Ruach would appreciate the title of this post.

Been getting lots done. Managed to find a sofa within a day, and took delivery of it within a week:

The living room looks much more homely now that we have something to jump into after a long day out.

We've also done up our first Christmas tree together, last week:

christmas treeWe spent the whole of Saturday roaming the aisles of Ikea, once again picking out more furniture we need. Came home with 2 bookcases and some shelving for the dining area. Decided to hold off on the cot and baby changing table and bedroom sofa for the next round of big purchases. Thank God for their 0% interest 24 month installment payment plan!

Bought Christmas gifts for Han's family, have yet to find nice things for mine. Novelty of hunting down good presents hasn't worn off yet.

On another note, yesterday morning I woke up at 4:30am for no apparent reason and decided to get some work done. About half an hour later I thought I actually felt the floor shaking. The water in my glass was rippling, and not far away a couple of car alarms went off. It was an interesting sensation, being swayed in a slightly erratic manner--I wasn't scared, but it did get me thinking of earthquakes and tsunamis. Didn't hear any news about an earthquake till this morning, when Han's mom SMSed me about the Sumatran earthquake which caused the tremors.

And now I must sleep. Tired. Brandon's fidgety.


#1Gravatar imagegrace_t says:

hey there!

thought i’d jsut drop by to say that your place is looking nice 😀

Have a very veyr merry christmas!!

#2Gravatar imagesooaun says:

yeah, your place looks so cosy! and Hans looks like he put on some weight since i last saw him 😉 have a blessed christmas you three!

#3Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

woo! the apartment looks good! 🙂 must be fun being able to plan your own place… altho its much more expensive to do so!

Merry Christmas guys! Have a great new year!

#4Gravatar imageruach says:

whee! a shoutout! holla (in the non-sketchy sense)!

how about this one:

what has four wheels and flies?
a garbage truck.


#5Gravatar imagesoul doc says:

so nice to see you guys putting a home together from scratch… so much love.


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