Week 2 As An Expectant Mom

Thursday, 24 August 2006

Thanks everyone for all your phone calls, SMS, online messages and such--we're thrilled that so many people are so happy at the news!

Our baby is now 9 weeks old. My morning sickness is definitely mild compared to the average experience, but there are whole days when I feel absolutely rotten (headaches, back aches, feeling nauseous and lethargic) and anti-social. Then there are other days that seem to consist of nothing but 110% positivity and smiles. As such I'm more inclined to be a homebody, curled up on the cushions reading a book or just handling light household chores. Oh, and Han experiences sympathetic hunger pangs even though he may have just eaten. :p

It's quite wonderful how instincts kick in. For me being pregnant has really taught me to pay attention to my body--knowing when to rest, what to eat, how to make sure the baby is well-protected. I'm someone who usually ignores hunger pangs in favour of getting stuff done, but I've readily given up that practice because it's not just about me anymore...which reinforces the notion that people do act differently when they are aware of things much bigger than themselves are at play in Life.

So many changes. I'll miss my exercise and being able to run and jump around when I please (I know I'm also going to miss my figure). Last night I lamented to Han that I felt like a melon, not being able to do very much but sit around, eat and get bigger. Of course that's a silly way to look at things (I'm not totally incapacitated) but still, that's how it seems sometimes. On the other hand it's not such a bad thing to take a step back from doing the heavier chores like getting on my hands and knees to wipe the floors.

I get out of breath so easily, and my heart rate is definitely up. More blood in me now, see, so more oxygen is needed and the heart has a bit more volume to get moving. I've given up my heels and boots for a pair of comfy sandals from Bata. Since I can't dash about, I'm getting myself used to waiting for traffic on busy roads to clear, or standing still on escalators instead of continuing to walk on them.

So all in all, apart from heeding advice from the doctor, friends and family, the one thing I'm quite happy to do is to enjoy this experience. The baby's gonna start kicking at some point--how cool is that?? 😀

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#1Gravatar imageAsad says:

Yo Michelle!!!

Long time no see… Hope everything’s well there with friends, family, n work…

neways, this may sound totally out of line comin from a guy, but if ur really feeling completely inactive (or to use ur own words, like a melon 😀 ), y not start attending those classes they have for pregnant women, the ones where they teach u how to stretch n stuff?? I seriously have no idea wut im talkin bout here, but im sure u probably know bout em..

n hey, here’s to everyone eating n gettin bigger n bigger day by day… well, im doin that, atleast 🙂

Take care


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