Little Pleasures

Friday, 21 July 2006

Someone who chanced across one of my posts last year about a chinese doctor I visited has just commented a few minutes ago, saying that her injury has been well-attended to.

I'm beaming all over.


#1Gravatar imageDaisy says:

Hi Michelle,

Sorry to side track. I accidentaly came across your wedding photos by James Katz & wonder I can ask you some questions about his work. If that is allright with you, please email me.

Thanks a million!

#2Gravatar imageyin yin says:

hi michelle, i’m wu han’s friend from primary school. i was trying to contact wu han but his email address that i had is no longer in use. i read that you’ve moved into your new place, congratulations! hope you settle in down nicely. 🙂

anyway, i would like to invite the both of u to my wedding dinner on 18 november. we’re holding it at the saujana in subang. it would really be nice if you both could come! perhaps you can get wu han to email me (



#3Gravatar imageYuki says:

Hi Michelle,

Happy to read something about me..Or..are you not talking bout me? 🙂 Anyway I feel you are a very nice and caring person. I feel like I have known a new friend. 🙂 Oh one more thing.. Congrats to you and your husband – Han. 🙂 I wish to send you a baby gift. If you don’t mind, can you please let me know your address? You can email that to me. Till here. Got to leave office now. Take care 🙂

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