Week #2

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Hello again! I'm now at my (tiny) desk at my new workplace, with a cup of machine-'bancuh'ed coffee...

[5-hour time lapse]

...! Correction, I was. I got whisked away to a looong management meeting. We adjourned for lunch, but will reconvene at 4:30pm.

I've been having a lot of eye-opening learning sessions, guided by the people form whom I'm responsible as well as the CEO. The people, functions, work flows and of course, the lovely politics. Much as I'd rather remain unaware of that aspect of the business, it's only prudent that I know how certain people are reacting to one another, and why. It's also becoming clear that instituting changes won't be as easy as I thought either, even if it means making life generally easier for people with regards to their workload. On a happier note, just 3 days into the new job I was already sent for a 2-day course at the Malaysian Institute of Management on customer service.

So many things on my plate, and frankly I don't know where to start. The CEO has reminded me that I need time to familiarise myself with how things are at present, before starting to make decisions. Helps me keep my head on, he does.

The people here are generally very pleasant and easy to get along with. My cubicle neighbours are naturally chatty and upbeat, yet down to earth. Mr CEO loves new ideas and fresh views on things that are normally taken for granted (whether or not they are accepted or feasible is an entirely different kettle of fish, of course). From what I've seen so far there is a lot of room for improvement--my predecessor got the right idea about customer service, now I've to work on the execution.

It's all very exciting, and very new to me. I'm extremely humbled by the CEO's faith in what I can contribute to the company even though I have yet to prove myself in this kind of work. Thank you to all who have said the kindest things to allay my reservations on my abilities, but here's something that I think is even better--that you remind me about the value of being prepared to make mistakes. 😀

Apart from work, we've been having a great time with our new home. Nevermind the late nights spent toiling over meals cooked to last a few days, and crying over all those peeled onions--it really has been fun! There's laundry to do, clothes that need ironing (I truly appreciate those heaters which we had in our rooms in the UK which took care of that!), simple meals to prepare, bills to pay...sometimes we feel so drained, yet we both are intuitively thankful for the fact that we have this amazing place to stay in, and the finances to fill it with nice things, and sustain a comfy enough lifestyle.

Once we get the inanimate objects settled, we want to get more people in to add to our pad's warmth. 🙂 Only family members have visited so far, and we've had one barbecue to celebrate my grandma's 86th birthday--I think this is a first for her, and I hope one she really enjoyed.

That's it for now. TM hasn't installed our phone line yet and we're waiting for Streamyx to get us connected as soon as possible to their super fast broadband service. (My left eyeball has rolled out of its socket, so if you chance across it please call me, okay?)


#1Gravatar imagemiaow! says:

oh was that yourS?? saw a rolling eyeball on a ship.. pirate nonetheless, on monday night.. hehehe 😉

anyways CONGRATS!! Glad you adjusting.. time is on your side dear, so just take your time, k? ‘course don’t kura-kura yourself with the timeline either, mind you…

anyways, hope all is well n do send me an sms when u can.. my ph bleeped me upside down and gobbelled up almost all my ph numbers recently … long story.. tc babes

#2Gravatar imageAndy Heong says:

Helloooo 😀 Heh, really happy to read that things are coming along for you. Looking forward to seeing the inside of your apartment. hahaha.

#3Gravatar imageruach says:

since all the happy, congratulatory comments about moving into the new place, and the new job, and the anniversary have already been said, i’ll just say w00t for a blog update. yay!

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