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Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Income tax deadline on Friday. Finished doing up the forms for Han and Bantus this morning, just after the Brazil-Ghana match ended on the telly. [insert angelic choir singing] Now deciding whether to be hardworking and hand them in personally tomorrow morning, or pay for them to be sent via registered mail.

Cleaned out the bedroom, study and 3 bathrooms at the apartment. Discovered that mopping floorboards with jeypine leaves a damp feeling underfoot, even 2 days after. Kao's Magicwipes are miles better than vacuuming (on the condition that you get on your hands and knees to wipe the floor). Han refitted the hosing for one of the showers, assembled ALL the furniture for the study and 4 of 5 dining chairs (well done sweetie!). We can finally say that all the installation works have been completed. 😀

We're moving in this weekend, woohoo! Then I have most of next week to fuss over the place while waiting to start work at the new office. Also looking forward to training again.

![Tiger Home Game at academia](http://www.salameander.com/uploads/20060620bantustigerworldcup.jpg 'Tiger Beer's Home Game at the academia')

Apart from that I'm trying to watch football along with everyone else. It's fun, but I wish I weren't quite so tired so I could join in the Brazilian revelries with more gusto.

July heralds the start of many new things. 🙂


#1Gravatar imageSee Ming says:

Oh yah, happy anniversary to you and Han!

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Hey, thanks! Does this count as bumping into you again? Hehe… Fancy seeing you twice in 2 days this week. Going travelling again soon?

#3Gravatar imageKevin says:

Heya Mich!

Stressed out last night with the Income Tax Deadline on Friday too. Oh well, one of those days. How are you and Han? Haven’t caught up since your wedding (besides Bangsar 2 weeks ago).

Hey I love your blog! And you write so well. Regards to Han!


#4Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Kev: Heeey, welcome to Salameander! 😀 Have you submitted your form yet? What a relief it was to finally drop them in the box yesterday.

We’re doing well–I’m glad you enjoy reading the blog, cuz this is the place to find out what we’re up to. But yes–would love to catch up with you in person sometime soon. I don’t even know where you work now. :shy:

#5Gravatar imageKevin says:

Haha… well, I realised that I’d only need to submit my taxes next year. I started a design business this year. I do graphic design and copywriting. Currently working from home but still contemplating on an office space (trying to save on the overheads!). Where are you attached to now? Mike and Vince are down, perhaps we could do a little reunion soon.

Take care!

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