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Wednesday, 14 June 2006

It's official--I'm resigning from my current job to take up another post elsewhere. 🙂 Recall that a week and a half ago I was agonizing over an e-mail. It eventually arrived, set things in motion and finally I tendered my resignation last week. My present employers tried to offer me the exact same position as the one I'll be undertaking at the new place, but without mention of salary.

To be honest, I would have considered it more seriously if it weren't for

  1. the prospect of working under the JV partner's CEO. He's not the easiest of people to work with, and if throughout my 3-year stint here we haven't been able to hold a single conversation on the same wavelength, it's unlikely we ever will.

  2. my immediate boss's reaction upon hearing that I'd be groomed to lead the customer service and communications department. "With all due respect, I don't think you are experienced enough to take on the job," he stated. I agree with that--my new job requires me to function as the public face of the company, publishing regular reports and articles for clients regarding investment strategies and market outlooks etc. I have a lot to learn, and it's daunting. Fair enough statement. However, 2 minutes later he said that there was an opening here with a very similar job scope, and said I should seriously consider it. I felt slightly let down, disappointed. Does he have the confidence in me to do the job or not?

So I'm quite looking forward to joining the new place. It was an added bonus (and further validation of my decision to move) when I discovered that a fellow former TCS singer works there--she's lovely, and has been very reassuring as a source of help should I need it. From what I could tell at a fund launch rehearsal session they had, the people there seem very warm and friendly. I think they're wagging their tongues at my age though.

For now, all I know is that I'm ready and willing to embrace change. God has opened the doors for me--I can only hope to make Him proud.


#1Gravatar imagemiaow! says:


congrats woman! I know you’ll do just great.. and hang that dingbat dude at the office. I can’t believe he stooped to the age old “you’re not good enough for them, but I’ll take you on and you might as well do the work here since.. you’re ALREADY here??” stance with you.. gosh.. some ppl are just appalling!

Anyways, I’m really happy that you’re moving on and going on to somewhat new-er and greater things 😉 So at least then when I need help in this area I’d know who to go hasstle 😀

#2Gravatar imagemiaow! says:

which tcs’r might I ask, btw?

#3Gravatar imagedesriel says:

all the best!

#4Gravatar imageAndy Heong says:

Stupid statements from your current boss. Besides, are we ever truly ‘ready’? Each new company brings new challenges. Sure you have a big learning curve but so what? I think the advantage you have is youth and energy. Old men like me, takes a lot more for us to take up challenges like this. Nowadays, I am amazed at the accomplishments that ‘young’ people achieve.

I think you will do fine Mich.

#5Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

Hey! Congrats on the new job! 🙂

I myself am looking for new avenues, will probably stick to the same type of work, but in a different (hopefully more interesting) industry. I hope 4 years of working in 1 company is good enough!

Congrats again! Full speed ahead…

#6Gravatar imageserena says:

hey michelle – congrats!!!!

#7Gravatar imageJanet says:

Happy for you!! He (your exboss soon) is prolly blind to your talents because he hasnt been giving you the right platform to shine and now…go fly away and you can show him what you are meant to do at work (a leader, a team worker, the face of the company) — a matured Young person you are.

happy happy moving!

#8Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks for all your support! I must admit that what my boss had to say put a dent in my confidence, but now that I look back on it it was just my ego that got bruised. He said what he felt, and for that I am thankful. For the record, he’s a really nice guy both as a friend as well as someone to work for–I guess it’s just that my resignation caught him completely off-guard, as I gave no hint that I wanted to move.

Miaow: It’s Jee Wae! 😀

Desriel: Thanks!

Andy: As the days go by I realise that whatever energy I can expend on what’s necessary is not solely from my personal reserves.

KOtAK: Thanks! People tell me that 3 years is long enough to remain in one place, so looks like it’s high time for you to make a switch. 😉 What would constitute a ‘more interesting’ industry?

Serena: Thanks!

Janet: I just hope I can live up to expectations–I’m a bit wary of high praise given prior to what I feel is a truthful demonstration of what I’m capable of.

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