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Tuesday, 16 May 2006

moulinex juicer

The Moulinex BKA-341 Juicer. I think it's gorgeous! Its lovely curves also feature prominently on the inside, making it a snap to clean. The salesgirl at Best Denki told me that its 400W of power ensures that every last bit of juice is extracted and the pulp comes out dry in its own tub outside, not under the stainless steel spinner as in other brands.

It's calling out to meeeeee...Price tag at the store: RM329. Any feedback as to whether it's a worthy purchase?


#1Gravatar imageamies says:

If you are looking to juice for healthy purposes, do consider a slow extractor juicer that looks like this: Green Star Gold

The quality of juice is far more superior, though cleaning is a little painful. You can get one here for around just under RM1000. It’s a lot more than what you are looking at though.

I’ve used mine religiously at least 3 times/week and even used it to make soya bean paste.

Happy shopping!

#2Gravatar imageKar Leon says:


just found out that you got married a year ago. lincoln forwarded me to your website. i saw the pictures and it looked to me like THE ideal wedding. i am extremely happy for you and wish you all the best in the many more years to come.

as for the blender: just go out and get it, dont deprive yourself of material comfort 🙂

take care girl,


ps. nice web-address: salameander.com – i could have guessed it 🙂

#3Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

i read somewhere on purchasing household items / furniture: always buy the best you can afford. I think its really good advice (esp. since you want your long-term purchases to last as long as possible)

(housewarming housewarming!!!)


#4Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Amies: Thanks very much for the tip! I’d love to get juicer like the Green Star Gold but it is rather costly. Plus there’s the time factor to consider, given how packed our schedules usually are–if it isn’t easy to clean, we’d be less inclined to use it, which defeats its purpose anyway.

Kar Leon: Hey you, it’s been YEARS since we last met! Hope to catch up with you via e-mail or MSN. Keeping an eye on your blog too. 😉

KOtAk: That’s sound advice, thanks. But by the looks of it we can only afford the major electrical appliances and some small chairs to occupy the space for now! If we go for a housewarming anytime within the next 2 months, you guys will have to warm the floors with your bums.

#5Gravatar imageSimon & Amy says:

Forget the silly blender, it’s too big n pricey n clunky. Look out for the Korean-made Shimono. It’s excellent. My wife n I have enjoyed some AWESOME juices from it 🙂 It’s available at MJ. Cheers & hi to WH. Go here.

#6Gravatar imageSimon & Amy says:

Oh yeah, just ask WH to call me, I can help u guys get discount 😛 Got ways wan la

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