One of Those Self-Analysis Things

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Three names you go by:

  1. Michelle
  2. Yean
  3. Michelle-ah-Michelle (only my colleagues do that--it's annoying.)

Three physical things you like about yourself:

  1. Legs
  2. Eyes
  3. Shoulders

Three physical things you don't like about yourself:

  1. The damned pimples
  2. Xylophone chest and ribs
  3. Frizzy hair

Three parts of your heritage:

  1. Chinese
  2. Chinese
  3. Chinese

Three things you can't stand:

  1. Cigarette smoke
  2. People who don't know how to admit when they're wrong
  3. Mindless work

Three things that scare you:

  1. Bad tempers
  2. Heights
  3. Death

Three of your favorite shows:

  1. MacGyver
  2. Whose Line Is It Anyway?
  3. Can't think of the 3rd--I don't really watch TV

Three of your favorite Japanese animes:

  1. Ghost In The Shell
  2. Advent Children
  3. Nausicaa

Three of your current favourite songs:

  1. Anything But Ordinary
  2. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
  3. Reflection

Three movies you can watch over and over again:

  1. K-PAX (!)
  2. Amelie
  3. Pirates of the Carribean

Three movies you would like to watch:

  1. MirrorMask (I wish I could meet Dave McKean in person someday...)
  2. The Da Vinci Code
  3. Pirates of the Carribean II

Three of your everyday essentials:

  1. Water
  2. Prayer
  3. Hubby hugs

Three things you're wearing right now:

  1. A beetle cap
  2. Green and white striped shirt
  3. Ankle-high boots

Three things you want in a relationship:

  1. Trust
  2. Humour
  3. Curiosity

Three physical things about the opposite gender that appeal to you:

  1. A self-assured (not cocky) smile
  2. Well-built arms
  3. Height--the taller the better

Three bad habits:

  1. Shopping
  2. Pulling my hair
  3. Phase one phase two (ask me about this)

Three of your favorite hobbies:

  1. Shopping
  2. Reading
  3. Capoeira

Three things that you want to do really badly right now:

  1. Continue playing Dungeon Siege II quests with husband
  2. Stretch out every single kink in this office-shackled body
  3. Go back to Ikea and roam the lighting aisles

Three careers you're considering or currently pursuing:

  1. Teaching
  2. Professional stage performer
  3. Fund management

Three places you want to go on vacation:

  1. Perth
  2. Brazil
  3. Spain

Three kid's names you like:

  1. Caitlin
  2. Adam
  3. Seth

Three things you want to do before you die:

  1. Lead at least one person to Christ
  2. Hang my own artwork on the wall of my home
  3. Make sure the ones I love know how much they mean to me

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl (or guy):

  1. Any discounted thing for sale warrants consideration.
  2. I am fickle-minded.
  3. I expect my man to be able to read my thoughts.

Initials of three crushes:

  1. NMN
  2. MY
  3. JC

Three people you tag to do the survey:

  1. Souldoctor
  2. The juggler
  3. Click Chick

Please don't hate me guys... :-p


#1Gravatar imageJanet says:

…..i cant do it now that you have done yours so effortlessly, it seems. half the questions i have no answers to!

can i do mine over here? …malu la.

#2Gravatar imageNicole says:

Three comments about this post:

  1. All your kids’ names come from The O.C.
  2. You don’t have much hair to pull anyway and mine is probably frizzier than yours by now
  3. Woman, can’t you at least acknowledge that your derrière hits ours right out of the park?

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