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Monday, 24 April 2006

jar of m&ms

There's a big blank space in my life which really should be occupied with spending time listening to what God has to say, and bringing to Him my thoughts and concerns. I have Dory's 2-second memory span so something has to be done to curb my fantastically reliable ability to forget.

There were a few occasions last week when I felt the guilty twinge about not updating my blog. So many events took place, but somehow they weren't important enough to move me to write.

This feels quite different...much more urgent to be expressed.

Firstly thank you God for this job that I have which helps to pay the bills. It's not glamorous and the spreadsheets can give me real-life headaches, but I'm sure it's all heading towards something good. I'm sorry that I've muttered profanities in the face of crashing programmes...I think I did a better job of controlling myself while under pressure during the production period of M! The Opera.

Thank you for reminding me that you never give any of us more than we can handle with your help.

You have given me so many talents and gifts. Especially after something as gruelling as M, it's hard for me to imagine what would be the best way to make full use of them. By 'best' I mean helping others along in life, or better yet, to grow closer to you. Sometimes I feel uneasy that I may be squandering my time away in a cushy desk job, but then I remember that you'll make sure that I make the right move at the right time, when I'm ready to shoulder what you have in mind for me. I will listen and wait.

Thank you for watching over Han and me. He is still a shining source of inspiration, despite the humdrums of marriage slowly settling in. Tomorrow he'll be giving a talk at MMU--please allow him to address his audience in such a way that they'll look at their field of study in a fresh new light. Han has this innate desire to teach people and is genuinely happy for those who make good of the things he shares with them.

My mom has, I'm sure, been talking to you a lot more these few days. You know how anxious she is about whether or not she is capable to take up the task of setting up another BSF class in KL. I'm in no position to advise her on this, but please surround her with people who can personify to some extent your desire to give her your peace and strength to make her decision. I admire her dedication to her work--something which I hope to follow soonest.

I'll cap it at that for now. Rest is scant these days.


#1Gravatar imagejesscet says:

hi michelle, it’s very encouraging to read of this post which you openly thank God and pray to Him.. 🙂 I hardly do that in my blog! may you continue to grow in His love.. and keep blogging too! 😉

#2Gravatar imageLigeiro says:

Sometimes, the big blank sapce is there so that we can fill it up again. Either with the water from the same well, or from another source. But it’s always there to be filled.

#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Jesscet: Thanks for the returned encouragement! I didn’t know you were reading my blog too :p I miss being in the worship team–hoping to get back to doing that before the year is out.

Ligeiro: I think I know where I’d draw my water from till it’s time to return to my source. 🙂 Keep searching for your well, ya? And it doesn’t always have to be a solo effort.

#4Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Michelle, as much as we struggle in life, there shall always be something we ought to know DAILY – recognizing our Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end and what’s most important is to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and in everything we do…….

Numbers 6:24-26

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