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Sunday, 29 January 2006

![chest]( 'box from CIMB's hamper')

Happy Chinese New Year guys. The weather's turned...let the daily slow roasting begin. I'm gonna be rambling on for quite a bit with things I myself would like to remember. 🙂

The ensemble got a lecturing from Saidah, Jo and Shiraz. Well, Jo was milder, but the other two went straight for the jugular with regards to our poor shape at the mock performance at Experimental Theatre on Monday. I'm glad they brought it up despite ruffling a lot of people's feathers--all the excuses were surfacing etc.--because we need the proverbial kick in the ass. Only 3 weeks of rehearsals left before curtains go up at Istana Budaya for us.

I'm scared. Suddenly it's happening too soon. I'M NOT READY FOR IT! When we get back from our CNY break rehearsals are going to have an edgier feel. Our new 'home' would be a warehouse in Bangsar, somewhere near the NST building. It'll help us start getting used to working with a big space. The pace will be madness and I'm sure our nerves will be shot, but I wouldn't dream of giving the experience a miss.

One major gadget purchase for me this week--a new phone. My rugged, faithful Nokia 5210 finally started falling apart. Literally. Bits of the casing neatly detached themselves from the body and bared the innards--it started with the power button, then the protective flap for the charger, and lastly the volume buttons on the side. So after a bit of googling and price research, I settled for a Sony Ericsson K700:

my phone

It's got so many bells and whistles on it compared to my old mobile! Camera with a light, FM radio, Bluetooth-enabled, mp3 ringtones, bright colour screen, speakerphone, MMS, animated wallpapers...all for about RM650 after trading in the 5210 for 80 bucks at Low Yat. I'm still very much in the 'san see hang' (new toilet bowl) stage--more than happy to show it off to the next available victim within 50 feet of me. You have been warned.

A couple of milestones:

  1. A few days ago I changed a sum of money for new notes at UOB and in the evening, began stuffing ang pow packets. Then it hit me that I wasn't doing this for my mom anymore, was for myself and Han. We'll be giving them out to our siblings, friends, and cousins who aren't married, and kids of friends and family.

    ...whoa. Talk about being on the other side of things.

  2. We opened our first ever fixed deposit account! Since interest rates are expected to be reviewed upwards further this year, I decided to put the cash into a 1 month FD with Maybank, which gives better short term rates than most banks in Malaysia (you may compare FD rates here), then let the amounts keep rolling over till the rates settle later in the year. Hope this gives us a good start to proper saving habits!

Then ironically I went on a CNY shopping spree. :") My clothes haul consisted of 2 sun dresses from Carven Ong, a pair of white cropped pants and a black high-necked top with an oriental flower appliqué. Got Han the mandatory red shirt, a knitted one from Seed. Then for the first time ever I went hunting for stuff to make up a hamper for my parents--that was fun. Isetan was my lunch hour haunt over those few days.

Feeling all girly from the shopping, I topped it off with some nice trinkets I chanced upon at KLCC and Ampang Park:


(all that for under RM80!) The slinky bracelet's the most exotic thing in my jewellery box now, but I find the black faux-feathered earrings to be the most alluring.

If you have read this far into this self-indulgent post, you must be quite a sucker for punishment. But thanks for coming back here all the same. Now I must get some rest, hoping to get an early start to the new year. 🙂


#1Gravatar imageMiaow! says:

hehehe love the accessories, sweetie!!! blehh… be warned.. i shall be turning up upon thy doorstep soon s can be with bf in tow to not only collect red packet hehehe but more importantly to raid your accessories closet! … blehh… can’t spell today… actually had to think… marpph!

can’t believe your finally involved in PiC!! gosh… its grand to work with friends.. a bit sakit kepala now and then.. hehe but all in the name of good fun (!!!) so .. i’m not whining.. complaining ever-so-often.. but not whining.. :DD

i’ll see you tonight, guv! come with that sunshine personality of yours ya! … hugs …. to han too… >;)

#2Gravatar imageSM says:

Gong Xi Gong Xi!! Glad ur bro’s ok. HUGS.. Let’s do Lunch soon.

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