Lionel’s fine.

Saturday, 28 January 2006

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers for Lionel and my family. We finally got a response from the pathologist last Friday who said that he's cleared of any possible serious illnesses, and the lump on his neck was just the lymph nodes swelling up in response to an insect bite near the area. They were actually testing for lymphoma. A frightening, and an entirely possible outcome too. Dad remarked that we must be thankful that we weren't tested in our faith with something worse. Lionel's still waiting for the dressing to fall off and the stitches to heal so he can go back to playing basketball. 😀

We're all tremendously relieved at the news. Again, thank you all for your concern even though most of you haven't met my brother personally. You helped us get through one of those patches in life where you dared not breathe just in case it would wreck the house of cards in front of you. It was an abrupt fright which I'm sure God intended for us to learn something from.

Life certainly is too short.

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