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Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Guess what--my boss agreed to have the S&P book bought under the company's periodicals budget! I was so bowled over and absolutely thrilled at the news that I went out to get that one last available copy of it at Kinokuniya that day itself. I've since taken to carefully digesting it a page at a time whenever I'm free. This hardcover is of just the right weight to hold it up to read on the train, and I get a very nice academic vibe just from that. I could be back at uni again! So far I've only gone through the first two chapters which cover the macroeconomic and industry factors in valuing credits. I expected the explainations to be more thorough though (to the point of being laborious even) but everything so far has been bite-sized and easily taken in, which I appreciate.

Plus we all finally sat down for our performance reviews. My bosses are generally happy with my work and we talked about what kind of career path I'd like to take. I'm so glad that it's so easy to be open with them. Maybe it's because I'm still very junior compared to everyone else, but in any case I didn't feel the need to 'watch my back' and make sure I said the 'right' things. As far as I'm concerned, doing one's best to follow the biblical principal of speaking the truth in love works out best for all parties.

Meanwhile, I've rediscovered how to do this on my Canon Ixus 40. I adore my little camera!

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