Dancing Porcupines

Friday, 23 September 2005

My husband's subconscious mind comes up with some of the most quirky and entertaining ideas. I won't explain the dream he had several days ago, but in essence it involved porcupines with combustible quills morphing into visions of maculelĂȘ dancers playing with knives.

Yesterday's attempt at the additional 5 cups of coffee was a failure--I started feeling queasy after 3. The thinking/acting processes were more lucid though. There wasn't much time for a proper dinner either so I grabbed 3 buns from Roti Boy at KLCC. They ended up being distributed like this: one went to the cripple who was begging along the LRT-KLCC tunnel, one and a half went to other hungry M! performers who were already hard at work practicing a song, and I had the other half. No supper out, but Han lovingly made a smoothie with fresh kiwi fruits, oranges, half a peach, a banana and some watermelon--that was heaps better than going to a mamak at that hour! I'm spoilt. :")

So today in an attempt to make it up to my poor abused tummy, I went to have a healthy lunch at KLCC with Lionel. We made our way to the New Zealand Natural counter and I ordered a hunger-buster smoothie with a dose of guarana. It's filling--trust me on this. Oatmeal is involved in the recipe. Drink/meal in hand, we walked the corridors and caught up with the latest from each other. I really enjoyed that.

Now it's back to the oh-so-stimulating task of filing. Gives me the shivers, ooOOooh.

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