Planning For Bali

Friday, 16 September 2005

Notes to self about possible places to stay:

Villa Semana
It's quite expensive, but a tempting-looking hideaway for the both of us.

Maya Ubud
Another beautiful but expensive resort and spa.

Jepun Bali Resort
Han found this one--it's a resort and spa but priced within our reach! It's located on the north-eastern coast in an area called Buleleng. Apparently there's a gay resort in the same area,

Ketut's Place
I know it sounds bad, but it's a much cheaper alternative to a resort and it's also in Ubud. Key attraction is the fact that it's a family-run guest house with just 9 rooms available.


#1Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

i stayed at Ramayana Hotel which is one of the older hotels there. There’s a Nike shop next to it (realllly cheap original stuff), a sports bar downstairs, a pasar seni behind the hotel and the beach 5 minutes walk away. I suggest renting a taxi / van for a day to take u to the villages – stuff is cheaper and u hv less people hassling u to buy stuff. Note of caution: Dont walk alone (esp. the beach area) and watch out for your wallets!) when r u guys goin anyway? 😉 hv fun!

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks for the tips Kotak! We’re flying out on the 21st of next month and will have 10 days to lounge around there. Looking for ways to stretch our ringgit. I’ve never really roughed it out before–me thinks this trip will be quite educational in that sense. Better do this sort of thing before I become an auntie. \*shudder\*

#3Gravatar imageMarissa says:

Bali is absolutely amazing, you’ll have a fantastic time. Stay away from Kuta as it’s pack with tourist – head towards Legian which is less crazy and Seminyak tops them all. You can still enjoy the buzz of Bali but in a more relaxed environment – and don’t worry you can still shop.

You won’t have to rough it out too much, there are plenty of nice hotels at affordable prices.

Definitely head up to Ubud – lovely surroundings, peaceful and very arty.


#4Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Hey Marissa, thanks for the heads-up on Legian–I’ve never heard of the area before, will research into it. Getting more and more excited! 😀

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