Other Things To Be Banned From The LRT

Friday, 2 September 2005

Yesterday as I stepped into the LRT carriage as usual after work (making sure that I wouldn't squash anyone in the process despite it being rush hour) I was enveloped with an unsettling shroud of warm, stale air inside. The feeble air-conditioning couldn't keep away the discomforting heat from all the tightly-packed bodies single-mindedly focused on getting home fast.

Okay, I thought, this may not be too bad--my stop wasn't too far away after all.

Unfortunately I was promptly forced to change my mind when I caught a strong whiff of someone's cheap hairspray somewhere in front of me. It was repulsive, leaving me dizzy and irritated. So I had to change my standing position to avoid that general area of atmosphere--I looked left.

It was alright for a couple of stops, and some space was freed up when more people alighted than got on the carriage as we moved further away from town. I shuffled away from the doors to stand between the seats, then was confronted with a very bad combination of BO and coconut oil (the kind used in one's hair) coming from a lady who was sitting in front of me. Ugh. Disgusting. I mean, it's all fine and well if you use the stuff to treat your hair once in a while, but for crying out loud do that on the weekends while you're at home, sheesh.

That, coupled with the fact that most of the windows were plastered with advertisements so I couldn't look outside to fight back the threat of hurling midway, made the rest of the journey one of the most trying experiences I've had on public transportation. It's quite startling to realise just how much of a difference a simple thing like air-conditioning can make.

Oh--Miss Coconut+BO also got off at my stop, and it so happened that she had parked her car in such a way that the feeder bus couldn't get past it, causing an annoying jam that snaked well beyond the compound. *shakes head in disgust*


#1Gravatar imageAndy Heong says:

Have you ever gotten in a packed BMW (Bas Mini Wilayah), on a rainy day and ALL the windows are closed? Just look at the silver lining… it could be worse worse worse! :p hahahaha 30 wet people with BO!

#2Gravatar imagewillowhippo says:

ergh, i know how you feel. i commute everyday and sometimes will meet those people who marinate themselves in perfume. If i’m standing at least 3 doors away, it’s alright, just pretend it’s a large Ampipure (uh, the car perfume). But next to them, can rele faint.

ref ur last paragraph: uh, yea, hate those peeps, especially when its rush hour

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