“What’s new, pussycat?”

Friday, 22 July 2005

Some random observations I've made in the past few weeks:

  1. Coffee has stealthily become my companion in the afternoons. My teeth are getting more and more stained.
  2. Roaches can be killed with mosquito spray too.
  3. The US edition of McFarlane's Dragons figurines is exquisite. I want the set of 5. *pout* My favourite by far is the Water Clan dragon.
  4. Work has become more and more uninspiring. I must find a way to reinvent myself in this company, but it'll be an uphill task given my other post-office-hours commitments. Today's initial excitement over the ringgit-depeg issue didn't leave a lasting effect on me (although, I must admit that the morning's broker reports were very much more anticipated than usual). Bonds or equities? Hmm...
  5. Seemingly shameless bloggers do have feelings too, and can't be expected to be immune to change in their character (and hence, how they write).
  6. Han exclaimed one day that I've turned into a techie-geek--last weekend I was inquisitively picking up gadgets and wizmos with him at Low Yat.
  7. My perceived time horizon varies between looking from one weekend to the next, to planning for 6 months ahead. It's tiring to have to keep switching back and forth.
  8. All the escalating excitement about this year's Batisado and the prospect of possibly getting a green cord is soooo tantalizing... I wanna expand my vocabulary of moves... and feed my ego! :">

And now, we return to our regular programming.

*End transmission*


#1Gravatar imageAndy Heong says:

Ahh… you never user mossie spray on roaches before? So, how did you get rid of them before you made your err… discovery?

#2Gravatar imageLynn says:

i swore at one time that i’ll NEVER drink coffee.

looks like i gotta kick myself for saying that. cant function without my cuppa every morning at least 😛

(ps: i dun wanna expect anything for this years batizado. dun wanna get my hopes up too much… just in case!) 😀

#3Gravatar imageligeirim says:

Train hard… train really hard… hehehe

I’ve now switched from coffee to milo! You can do it too!!! MUaahahha!!!

#4Gravatar imageFerret says:

Alfalfa I tell you.

The sweet nectar from the Gods called Alfalfa is the key to a good life.

Alfalfa was worshipped by the Khudasyahn tribes (in a small little island off Egypt non-existant on the geographical map) during the crop harvesting season, giving thanks to Alfalfa.

Sorry, am feeling a bit cranky today, if not tomorrow!

#5Gravatar imagesal∂meanδer.com » Drool-Worthy says:

[…] d Under: Owners, Michelle and Stuff Just to reiterate one of the points I made in a previous post: I WANT ONE!!! Leave a Reply Nam […]

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